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Hi. My name is Jim Francis. I trust you enjoy this report on options trading, and specifically Credit Spreads. You can:

  • Trade less than 2 hours a month. So, continue to work or enjoy life. Travel. Have FUN. Or make more money doing other work.
  • Earn 6-8 Percent on your investment each month. YEP I said 6-8 percent EACH MONTH! IT rocks. And works.
  • Win over 90 percent or 9 times out of 10 trades. It is a high probability trading system, that has been back tested and proven.
  • Not hard to learn. I have taught 16 years olds, 86 year old grandmothers, folks with no computer skills, and I assume you know nothing about the stock market.

You really do not need to understand how it work, just how to do it. Think about driving a car. You know how to drive it, you know the rules and where to go and what to do. But you do not know how the car works. Same is true for credit spreads. I give you the rules, show you how to push the buttons, and get to the result. You do not need to know how an options works.

In fact I taught my son at age 16, and at age 20 he asked. What am I doing? I said making money. He said “yes i know, but how am I making money”

Let me show you how to make cash flow from the stock market EVERY SINGLE MONTH! It Rocks.

If your interested, and want to learn over time, consider my Self Study Program. About 10 hours of video and workbooks to get you on the path to wealth and better rates of return.

If you have some money 50k or more (cash, brokerage, IRS, RRSP, 401k) I strongly suggest you consider my personal Mentorship program. It is guaranteed by the way. 2 or 3 days in your city. Working with one on one.

You can find them both here in these pages, and at my product page