Learn how to EARN 6-8 % per month, with less than 30 Minutes  of trading per month!

 Hi My name is Jim Francis. And I want to create a financial miracle in your life. To take you out of being a slave to the job. Being Just Over Broke. To having more money and free time than you ever imagined. Waking up every day like it was your day off, and deciding what to do today. Play, have fun, work, spend time the kids, a hobby, an adventure, travel, whatever you want, because your finances are looked after. You have money coming in each month. You don’t Have to work. You might choose to work, but do not have too.

7% a month! AND all your time back to enjoy life and have fun. 

I cannot guarantee it! But it is highly likely (MATHEMATICALLY).

In fact I could show you a back test of the last 10 years to prove that ROI number (and more). For a long time we were making 10-15% per MONTH, but markets do change over time. Starting in 2012 we are only making 6-8 percent on each trade.

Seven percent each month, is a GREAT rate of return. Can change your ZIP Code.

I am only talking about mastering 1 strategy. NOT dozens. You don’t even need to know how the market works. No discussions of fundamentals, Technical patterns or charts. Now as a bonus I often discuss them, but they are not necessary. I taught this system to my son at age 16, at age 20 he came to me and said “Dad, what am I doing”. I told him, “you are making money every month”. He said “ya but how”. I teach you the rules of how to trade this type of option, and what positions to take each month . You don’t really need to know how it works. It is kind of like driving a car. I teach you how to drive and rules of the road. You really don’t need to know how the car engine works. It is simple. And in about 10 hours (self study) I can show you how to make consistent cash flow. Every Month.

We trade for about 30 minutes a month and if you have a fairly large account 100k, that means 7k a month in passive income. NO work. Just trade 30 minute and do what ever you want to do. What a great time saver. ☺ Finally you can stop working so hard, and enjoy life. I can’t tell you how many people I have retired early, or made their retirement easier. There is big difference Making 7 Percent per Month in Spreads, vs 7% a year in stocks, mutual funds or an annuity.

Plus we win 9 out of 10 times. A very high probability system. Due to the way we trade, we win a lot. But only a small about. 7%. But over time that money compounds into a small fortune.

Discover How To Make Winning Trades. Introducing The Credit Spread System

It has two special volumes, videos and a members only web site (with monthly trades). All of this, combined, will help you spend a few hours a month trading — in order for you get 6-8 percent returns per month on money invested. No guarantees but HIGLY probable. In fact most folks win 9 out of 10 times.

Inside this program, you will learn many helpful tactics, including how to:

• Quickly and easily get started trading profitability. In 10 hours, and with some practice, you will master the basic program.
• How to best enter and exit your trades. No questions. You will know how to trade.
• 7 basic rules of investing with credit spreads. The rules keep us safe.
• Maximize your profits and minimize your losses. This system makes money. You need to learn how to not lose as well.
•Use Charting and Candle stick patterns to pick better, safer and successful positions.
• Use the brokerage account. How to press the button to make money.
• Understand indicators that can help you invest better. Such as: the greek Delta.
• How to trade part time but make full time profits

• And much more!

In short, you’re going to learn how to consistently make more money trading.

And while most traders get slaughtered during times of volatility, many professional traders rake in millions of dollars on the way down and on the way up. I’m one of those people that get such results — all thanks to my basic understanding of the stock market, and my secrets to investing, which I share with you when you join.
In fact, in this training program of mine, you’ll be shown exactly what I do and how you can do the same. You’ll get to watch and listen as I explain my most unique strategies in detail, and I’ll show you the exact patterns and trends to look for when using my approach. You’ll discover what to look for, why declines occur (this alone is worth the price of this training!) and the best way to profit from the inevitable rise in prices.

Stop guessing, hoping, and wishing for better days.

Learn how to put yourself in profitable situations instead!

I show you how to do just that — as I reveal everything in this course, including the precise strategies, that are considered “advanced” by most traders. Why, you ask? Because they’re only used by the top 5% of all traders in the world. These are people that understand and implement them to consistently make trading profits. Month after month after month.

The all-new Credit Spread System covers every aspect required to work up a successful life of trading. And it can be done with minimal effort as well. All your critical points will be addressed, including: trading plan, risk management, psychology tips, entries and exits, automation steps, back testing and system metrics and performance.

More importantly, I have simplified these advanced strategies and explained them in a way that any level of trader can immediately put to use!

So, if you’d like to stay in your comfort zone, and get little returns, then stick to what you’ve been doing. But if you’d like a better lifestyle, and want help on picking the right premium pay out based on risk, then join this program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Buy it, apply it, and get maximum results.

Credit Spread Program includes: 

  • Smart Money Book (pdf). General stock education book, show concepts of basic fundamental and technical analysis.
  • ATM Machine Book (pdf). Specific education about credits spread concept, and basic knowledge about options.
  • Charting Book (pdf). Basic charting knowledge. Learn about support and resistance, trend lines, moving averages, and recognizable patterns (double tops, head and shoulders, flags and pennants).
  • Candlestick Cheat sheets (pdf). 70 plus patterns that tell you what direction the market is likely to go, in the next minute, hour, day, week or month. Simple to understand pictures you can tap for cash and profit.
  •  Video: Getting Started. How to test up a test account, and brokerage account. Basics of the concept and strategy.
  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to Credit Spreads. Most folks need a crash course or reminders of terminology, and concepts.
  • Video Lesson 2: Understanding Basic Options. Options have 8-10 times the leverage than buy stocks or even indexes. In this video you will learn what an option is all about.
  • Video Lesson 3: Vertical Spreads. Vertical Options are a little different then regular options. Learn how to use them to make money even if the market goes up, down or sideways.
  • Video Lesson 4: Contingency and Auto Buy Backs. We must protect our account. Contingencies and Auto Buy Backs save us money when the market goes against us.
  • Video Lesson 5: Check list and Technical Analysis. A systematic review of trading spreads and the market.
  • Video Lesson 6: Putting the System together. Taking the various elements, and putting them to work to earn 6-8 percent per month of money invested. With less than 2 hours invested a month too.
  • Video Lesson 7: Managing an Account. How to plan for your cash flow, growth and speculation in the stock market.
  • 5 Reminder Videos: So, next month, you know what to do (without having to go through the complete training videos again).
  • Additional Systems: Best 6 Months to Invest, Covered Calls System, Warren Buffets approach to investing, the Canlsim method of Investing, Dogs of the Dow (combine with covered calls).
    2 Besting Selling Wealth Books. Richest Man In Babylon & Think & Grow Rich.
  • Forms & Cheat Sheets: Tracking your trades, Master Checklist for Trading, Seasonal Patterns, FREE websites for Education, Wealth Affirmations, 10 Percent Solution and More.
  • Members Only Web Site. Education, and a review of my monthly trades.

These extra materials, help you later. You can refresh yourself. Review a lesson. Use a cheat sheet. Or even learn something new.