Monthly Cash Flow from the Stock Market

Earn 6-8 Percent Per Month—Monthly Cash Flow


Hi. My name is Jim Francis. For over 35 years I have been trading the stock market. Looking for high growth stocks, fundamentals, technicals,  and making money through investing.

In 2005, I found a little known secret strategy that can earn 6-8 percent per month on money invested. WOW. Unbelievable. But TRUE. And it is not that difficult to master the skill. 5-8 hours and you can master this one skill. This one strategy.  And it takes less than 30 MINUTES a month to trade the strategy.

Years ago, I started teaching the strategy to others. Frends, Family, and eventually folks started asking me to teach them for money.

Well I developed a few books, then videos to help folks get on the path to MONTHLY CASH FLOW!

Using a simple yet effective strategy called Credit Spreads.

I found this strategy from trader insiders. It is amazing. First, I had heard about it at several investment/trading seminars. Seminars I had paid thousands of dollars to attend. Like many of you, I am always looking for an easier, faster way to success and financial freedom. I would much rather learn from other peoples experience, than make my own mistakes too. But really did not understand what they were talking about, with phrases like: Advance options, Iron Condors, and Credit Spreads. The terms scared me, and appeared at first glance to be complicated, or even risky. Boy was I wrong. Credit spreads, is a consistent, regular way to make monthly income. They are easy to learn and apply to your investing plan. I would stop trusting others with your money, and starting learning how to control your financial future today.

I asked my trader friend to teach me everything about Credit Spreads. Well, 3 days later, and a few dollars lighter in my wallet (yes I paid a trader to learn these skills), I knew just about all the things that can happen, with these trades. I started paper and real trading immediately. I stopped trading pretty much everything else, because this strategy works. It is very consistent and leads to monthly cash flow. Something my real estate investments needed (yes I buy real estate too).

The strategy is so cool, I spent the better part of 3 years just perfecting this one strategy, turning it into what I call the ATM stock machine. Developing rules for trading. Systems and procedures for money management. Systems to keep initial capital safe, with less risk. Techniques that allow you to start with just a little bit of money, and grow it to a small fortune. The strategy is a MONTHLY Cash Flow machine. Rather than waiting for a stock to go up or down, you will make money no matter what happens. Now that is not a guarantee, but HIGHLY probable. The strategy works if stocks or the market is going up, down or sideways. It does not matter. Each month you will make money. Slow, steady and regular.

In fact historically this strategy wins about 11 months out off 12. I encourage you to back test the strategy, it works. If you back test it, as I did, and as I teach in my manual, you know it works. What a winning average! Now a qualifier, here ….investing does have risk and you can loose money.

This system is a winner!

CSThis system has several key components:

  1. Quick Start Video.  How to set up your brokerage account. The basic concept of spreads. Paper trading. Rules.
  2. Understanding Stocks. The basic vocabulary of stocks. Types of investing. Technical trading. Charting and candlesticks. Not critical to this type of trading, but good information for understanding the stock market.
  3. ATM Machine.  The rules and considerations for trading credit spreads. Examples. Rules. How to protect your account. A written explanation of the system and rules.  After reading this 60 odd page guideline, you will review 7 videos (each about 45 minutes), literally walking through how to trade this system. With live examples, and real quotes, and positions. We use TD Ameritrade (think or swim) as our trading account.  Both for paper and live trades. You can use any trading account.
  4. Video 1: Introduction to Credit Spreads. The concept and probability of the system. Win 9/10 times (actually better than those odds). Know exactly how much money you are going to make each month. Know approximately what you will lose the 1 time out of 10.  You can even back test the strategy, to proof it works. Or just look out actually trades from Jan 21012 till present.
  5. Video 2: Understanding Basic Options. You really do not have to understand how the engine works to drive the car. But it is useful. Therefore, we will learn what an option is all about. How they work. How they leverage cash and have better ROI than buying a stock directly. The difference between stocks, and index options. Why we generally only do options on indexes. The RUT or SPX.
  6. Video 3: Vertical Spreads.  A less risking way of making weekly or monthly income from the stock market. Learn how they work and why. How the average person is taught to buy and hold (and HOPE). When we trade, we know exactly how much will make (ROI) and how much we will lose. Generally, we will earn 6-8 percent of cash invested per month.
  7. Video 4: Contingency & Auto Buy Back.  Hey this trading WORKS! You will make money (NO question). But the real key is knowing how to save money. Or ONLY loose a little. Warren Buffet says, Rule Number one is Do Not Lose Money. True. You have to know, how to loose only a little. Contingency planning and auto buy backs will protect you, and ensure you only lose a little. THIS is the most important section! 
  8. Video 5: Technical Check List. The better you get at understanding the market, the better win ration you will have. Therefore, understanding what a charting pattern, or candlestick pattern is all about is important. Because it is so important, I included it as a training element. AND created 2 bonus items that will make you good at technical analysis.
  9. Video 6: Putting it together (System). Demonstration of the using the how system. Check list of understanding of the market. Positions to consider. Ensuring you are protected.  Managing longer term.
  10. Video 7: Managing an Account longer term.  You can trade 1000 to 300000. Should you risk it all in one trade? Even if it has high probability. NO! We need understand how to manage an account. How to reduce risk and maximize ROI.
  11. Bonus Materials: Charting Manual. Candlestick Patterns. Additional Strategies. Books. Personal Development. Goal Setting. WOW. These BONUS items only available in the next 24 hours, are worth over $1000 by themselves. You want them. And you want them NOW! I reward action. So click on the Buy Now Button.

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CS Product

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You will receive a physical product. Detailed. Shipped within 48 hours. Workbooks, Videos, Handouts, Cheat Sheets and Bonus items on a USB!
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Bonus 1: Charting Patterns. A great  ebook showing dozens of charting patterns. The past does repeat. Now you can profit form high probability patterns.   Charting Patterns
Bonus 2: Candlestick Patterns.70 Plus candlestick patterns, that have a high degree of directional hints. No guarantees, but proven, systematic ways to look at prices and know generally market direction. Up trends, Down trends, and continuity patterns. Know if the market it about to rebound, break a support level or continue moving in the current direction.   Candlestickes

Credit Spread Workshop San Jose Jan 9-10/2016

Not sure how Srini got me to agree to this, but I am doing a 2 day Credit Spread Workshop on Jan 9 and 10 (2 Day workshop).

Normally I charge $3995 for this 2 day workshop, but since he is paying for part of the workshop (to train him). We are dropping the price dramatically.  Look for a few folks, that want to learn (hands on), actually looking at positions and trading in class). Group trading, not individual). But we will look at 2 years of trading. Plus learn other things like:

  • Actual trading the system in class.
  • Protection techniques.
  • Common mistakes and how to prevent them.
  • Weekly trading (if u want).
  • Technical analysis.
  • Money management
  • A pile of bonus materials (including looking at  futures)

There is LIMITED SEATING. Act Now to guarantee your spot. Act in the next 24 hours to reserve your spot.

Credit Spread Workshop

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